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We don't create riots, but we do help bring in a large number of leads into your business.

We are Lead|Riot, an Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Firm that prospects differently...with more relevancy, empathy, and consideration.

At Lead|Riot, you'll have one dedicated Sales Development Rep who looks like they are part of your firm.

Their job is to set more meaningful meetings for you, better position your
brand/company in the market, and help you get closer to close.

Your dedicated Sales Development Rep is more tenured and experienced.  Prior to any outreach, your SDR is ta
ken through a very organized immersion process to fully engage them with your business/brand. 

While we do use the best intel/sales technology, our approach is more human and significantly more hands-on.

We believe that smart brand positioning is critical to engaging sales outreach.

We go beyond just setting qualified meetings to help nurture prospects and move them down the line.

We bring insights unmatched in the industry because we've prospected companies like yours for the past 18 years.

We go beyond your ask to provide strategic support and tactical counsel.

All of this results in better leads and a winning new business program.
Our Services

Struggling to find a lead generation partner that aligns with your sales needs?

Lead|Riot is a superior B2B Lead Generation Firm that is driven by deeper insights, better intel, and exceptional sales & marketing talent.

Highly Trained SDRs

Your Sales Development Rep is trained by the team at RSW, the nation’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm, servicing marketing agencies.  

A Proven Methodology

We have been successfully representing companies operating in the B2B space, targeting people like you, since 2005!

We Look Like We're Part of Your Team

Your SDR will carry an email in your firm so the outreach is seamless.  We call and email looking like we’re part of your team!

We Make it Easy on You

You’ll receive bi-weekly reports on the status of your program.  When we set meetings we’ll lock in a day/time and send you a meeting form so you’re prepared for the call.

We Can Build Lists Custom for You

We have a team of list builders that carefully select companies that are right for your program.

A Smarter and More Strategic Approach

We are marketers and sales people by training.  We take the time to learn about your firm and then develop compelling and differentiating messaging to set you apart in the market.

B2B Lead Generation Testimonials

"We’ve worked with team for 10 years, with substantial new business wins, positioning us on the radar of companies we hope to do business with. Our NBD is a valuable part of our team, understands our business, and is always on the lookout for new opportunities."

Deep B2B Lead Generation Experience Across a Range of Industries


Business and Professional Services


Financial Services



Ready to find out more?

Want to learn how Lead|Riot can help you create a more thoughtful, effective, and sustainable lead generation program that can reach your customers and set you up with an ample supply of new business meetings?  Drop us a line!

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