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Why Choose Lead|Riot?


We have spent the last 18 years representing marketing agencies interested in working with you. We have prospected in every known B2B category, so we know them better than most. Our study of your industries, your pain points, your needs, puts us in a position unmatched in the world of outsourced lead generation firms.  This intel helps us better sell your firm to prospects potentially interested in working with you.


We go beyond just being your outsourced sales team.  We are here to offer counsel and advice to help you along your way to the sale.  And we aren't just solid sales professionals. We bring smart marketing thinking into every engagement we manage.  This perspective helps our clients better position their offering in the market, which in turn, makes what they sell more attractive.  If all you do is "yell and sell," you might as well forget it.  Smarter, more strategic positioning and outreach is the way to go!


We are quite demanding of our sales candidates.  We only bring in professionals with a strong skill set, ready to be immersed in their client's business and ultimately contribute to their success.  Our team of professionals are thoroughly vetted through a rigorous process to ensure their success and yours.  We know what works and how to find the best.  We're proud of the fact that the average tenure for our sales professional is close to 9 years while the industry average is only 18 months!


We use tech, but we're not "techy."  Fine that all these other lead gen firms have software platforms and use things like AI.  We do some of that too, but we are more human in our approach and use technology when technology makes sense to use.  It doesn't dominate us, we control it!


Need lists?  Have old, worn out lists?  No problem. Our robust and dedicated team of list experts will build custom, targeted lists by taking a more human approach - looking at each company before it's added to the list.  Not pulling down SIC codes and hoping for the best.  Good stuff in...good stuff out!

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